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Yep, I screwed up, and you caught it. If there's one thing I've learned from life, it's to learn from your big misteaks!
Lauren Whitney
happy new year and welcome to 2018! (according to the date on your latest post)
Yeah, I made it my new years resolution to stop writing "18" at the top of all my forms, but I guess I just let it slip. Thanks for the heads up!
Will C.
I was looking at your site to see some of the new stuff you have put up since I was there last, and I decided to grade your article about the reverse-polarized clocks on technical accuracy. The only two problems: one, there is a mirror at the back of the display, so light actually makes two passes through (otherwise, the display would need to have light shining through it to read like the timers they use for overheads). The other thing: you talk about how "The whole camera came apart pretty easily"

Wow, thanks for the help with the whole clock/camera thing, I guess I was a little distracted. And you're right about the mirror thing. Although it's not exactly a mirror, the back of an lcd does reflect the light making it pass through twice, but this makes no difference because the light behaves in exactly the same way on the way out. If it was twisted one way, it will be twisted back. When perusing my article after getting your email, I also found that on one of my images, I showed light passing through the lcd when it was supposed to be blocked. OOPS! Now, to grade your email on technical coolness. I see that you're using Internet Explorer. WHAT A LOSER! Everyone who's anyone uses Firefox now! Ha, just kidding, but seriously thanks for the help.
Donald G.
On antiyawn, if you go to the about page, there is a link at the bottom that says " Changed, 1-09-05, see FAQ page." (actually strike that it happens from the main navigation page too), If you follow the link it goes to a broken version of your airsoft FAQ. Assumably that means you accidently overwrote it. Just FYI.
Wow, thanks, with operation CENTIBURGER and my new airsoft league going on, I've been having a lot of updates to folders within my site and I must have accidently copied the VBsoft FAQ to the wrong folder!
if you click the "ultimate guide to" or "the vent" links, you cannot see the " anti yawn at..." link on the left side, just thought id let u no...
Thanks for letting me no! For some reason, my ftp client doesn't always update every page every time, it should be fixed now.
in your errata section you wrote "Thanks for letting me no!" i think you ment "know"
You're right! I meant to say "know".
chufee, "ment" is a word http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=ment so haha
I would like to thank you for your response. The convenience of a link really made humiliating you much easier. If you follow this link you will find something very interesting:

If you were talking about the other definitions, Erlernen Sie Englisch und stoppen Sie, Deutsches zu sprechen!