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About the Site
I didn't think that anyone would care!

About three years ago, my friends, J.P. and Alan, and I were visiting Busch Gardens using our season passes. After spending the day, we thought that it would be a great idea to spend an entire week (which would be free [season pass]) there and take notes on how to have a great time at Busch Gardens. We planned to compile this knowledge into a book, or rather a pamphlet, and possibly sell to naive visitors. This idea was evanescent, however, because we realized that we would have to have a business license to sell stuff and our parents would never drive us to Busch Gardens every day for a week. The book was dead.

Set the way-back machine to last summer (2004); my scout troop was visiting Water Country USA. Whilst waiting in line for Big Daddy Falls, I had an idea to create a website that has a bunch of info on how to have fun at an amusement park. This site was to be called abusementpark.com (don't click here, it's not a real site...yet). I realized soon thereafter that limiting a website to a single topic really sucks (I knew this because my previous website thecubesite.com [I deleted it] was a dud because it was focused on strictly Nintendo stuff). With the idea of a new website, I also planned to make whatnottosee.com (don't click here either) which would be a movie review site, but that would also be pretty lame.

So I decided to create the ultimate entertainment site, which contains lots of info on how to have fun. I was looking for synonyms for "against" and "boredom" in my electronic pocket dictionary, and I came across "anti" and "yawn". Thus antiyawn.com (a real site, trust me) was born.

The point

This site is loosely based on "how to have fun when..." but limiting a site's capabilities sucks when you're just writing for fun, so I'll probably end up including other stuff, like user guides to life, or movie reviews.

I will try my hardest to have an update every week on Friday.
Changed, 1-09-05, see FAQ page.