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Ha! New Year's Resolution my ass. Whatever, here's an article on the Chevy Volt.
Two updates in under a week, maybe updating should be my New Year's resolution. Whatever. Enjoy an update.
First update of the new year! Check out my list of Technological Grievances
w00t! Finally another update! This one's pretty cool too so don't waste any time and head over the the ultimate guide section to check out my guide on how to make an 8-bit cookie!
Just a little fyi, my Coinstar article made it to the digg.com homepage and was even featured on diggnation! For right now though, I've got a little update for you in The Vent.
Here's a neat little update. How to hack a CoinStar machine into giving you your cash for free
I've started a new project. I have a lot of ideas, but I have no time to really follow through with any of them (notice my website's update schedule). For this reason, I created a blog. Steal My Ideas Every day, I draw up a new idea on an 8.5" x 11" piece of paper and put it on the site. This take s about 10 minutes, so I can afford to do it every day. My goal is to do one every day and keep it up for as long as I can. So far, I have four updates, but I've already got another 15 ready to go. Check it out!
I don't believe it! I actually made an update to my site! This is probably not going to be a trend and it's definitely not a New Year's resolution, so don't get your hopes up. But, if you're interested in putting a minifridge in your car, check out my new guide.
Yeah, I'm pretty much giving up on actually updating my site, but while you're here, get Skype! Skype is kinda like aim except you can talk with a microphone instead of typing. You can talk to anyone in the world for free as long as they have Skype too. Also, if you want, you can get SkypeOut which lets you talk to people on normal phones worldwide for only 2 cents a minute. You can also get SkypeIn which allows gives you a phone number that people can call you on for only $30 a year. If you don't feel like spending money, Skype is still free if you use it on your computers. Download it from the link below:
Check out Skype
Ok, so I haven't updated in a while. Well, it's kinda hard to update when you're in the Canadian wilderness. I still haven't completed the mystery incendiary device, but I've got more pressing matters at hand: OPERATION CENTIBURGER IS COMING! Check it out.
That is one hell of a coincidence, I was updating at EXACTLY this time yesterday! Anyway, I've made a site for my local Airsoft crew. It's not really part of Antiyawn; it's just using the space, but it's pretty cool anyway. Click here to check it out. I think it's the best looking site I've ever made (I told you I could make them look nice!). Also, I've got a big project under construciton in my basement. I won't give it away, but I'll say that it can light stuff on fire, so It's gotta be good.
Well, this is an article I've been meaning to write for quite a while. Other news: I got a new airsoft gun (as if anyone cares) and it's pretty sweet, I might write something about it (but probably not). My friend, Collin, threw a site up a few weeks ago: Virtual Fresh Air.com. We tend to do a lot of projects together, so we'll probably have some similar content.
Here's another movie law.
Alrighty, another update! I've added a new section to my site. It's a smaller version of my dreamsite www.whatnottosee.com. I started a list of articles that should get pretty hefty because they're a lot of fun to write. Check it out here.
Ha! I finally updated! Well, here's the deal: I'm at work, and I'm really bored. They can't seem to keep me busy, so I spend about 5 hours a day browsing the internet. I was looking around when I found this really cool site called antiyawn.com and I thought, "Gee Whiz! I wish I had a site like that." Then I realized that I do. So, I brought my files and stuff to work, and I found a way to upload stuff through the firewall and now here I am updating. Other news: My good friend Angus just threw his site up a few days ago: ageeksotospeak.com. You must visit this site for two reasons: 1. Matt's cool and his site should be too. 2. I thought of the name!!! Also, I'm about to buy a decent camera for cheap. I should be able to bring it with me everywhere, and I'm going to be able to do more updates with pretty pictures! Here's a link (I'm getting it in blue).
Well, I had a fan (Cough) point out an error with my site, so I decided to create an errata section. If you find any errors with my site, be sure to tell me.
Hmm... I really haven't been updating--at all. Mostly because of some school work, then a field trip, and then I just ran out of excuses and said I was lazy. I originally wrote this update at 4:53PM on 2-23, but for some reason I left it unfinished for 2 months. Well, here it is, for your reading pleasure, Anti Yawn at School
For those of you who couldn't make the AP Euro Study session, here's the notes.
FireFox is the most incredible thing ever made. If you don't know what FireFox is, it's just like Internet Explorer, but without all the extras. Instead, it has the bare essentials and you get to choose the extensions. You can get the program here. Once you have it running, click tools/extensions then click "find more extensions." I highly reccomend the All-in-One Gestures extension which allows you to draw gestures on the screen to do certain commands. At its worst, FireFox is just like Internet Explorer (but without the hackers), so you owe it to yourself and your computer to get it.
I just finished my AP Computer Science mid-term test and have nothing better to do, so I decided to update. So much for the bi-weekly updates! I can't seem to find anything to write about. I'm thinking of possibly making the ultimate guide to bad PowerPoints, or a vent article on Anti-Smoking ads. I might even start writing reviews of movies and games and stuff. I can't seem to stop analyzing everything I see since I first started writing game reviews. Anywho, I plan to have an update up by this weekend (after exams).
I just realized that my site will have been up for a month in two days, and I've written two articles. Bi-weekly quota, here I come!
I finished my first Vent article Undeniable Truth and Halo 2. I think this one is really good and I spent a lot of time on it. I hope to be back in the writing groove again since I'm going back to school tomorrow (I ought to start doing homework).
I added The Vent, but I'm too lazy to write my first article. I've done the research, but I just have to put it all together...when I feel like it.
Wanna have tacky Christmas decorations? Click here.
I may not be able to squeeze out the article tonight because of the bad weather (can't get pictures). If I don't put it up tonight, it'll be up by Wed. next week.
On to more important business: I got my motherboard back from DFI! It's been 5 months since I built this computer, and now it will finally work (this is part of the reason I didn't write the article). I'll put some awesome pictures of it up some time soon.
12-06-04I'm going to write an article on Christmas decorations(tacky ones) so If you have any pictures of obnoxious houses that you'd like to share, send them in.
12-04-04Site launch(w00t). Please feel free to browse around, I've semi-finalized an FAQ section and an "About the site" section (much much more to come). Send me an E-mail and tell me what you think! I hope to have my first real update by next Friday (12-10-04)